Areas of Practice

Estate Planning, Real Estate & Criminal Defense in Picayune, MS

The staff at Picayune Law, PLLC provides clients in South Mississippi and on the North Shore with closings, estate planning, criminal defense, personal injury, divorce and custody and more. Our team works smart to give you the success you need and want. We always treat you and your case with respect and provide you with all of our effort, because the people in our community are of great importance to us. Here, we specialize in various areas of practice.

Closing & Real Estate Transfers

Our team is proud to provide several closing services.

Abstract of Title

An abstract of title gives a summary of all of the deeds and documents related to a piece of property. This abstract should prove that the seller of the property has the right to transfer ownership and outlines any charges that remain on the property. One abstract is required per parcel of land. We charge $250 per search. A search is required for each parcel. In occasional cases, your land may be a part of multiple sections, so you will need a search per section.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is essential to protecting your ownership of your property. Sometimes, despite a thorough title search, there can be defects in your title that will give other people legal claim to your property. This can cost you money, and potentially your home. Title insurance gives you the security that if there are title defects, you won’t suffer because of it.

There are two types of title insurance: Lender’s Policy and Owner’s Policy. The Lender’s Policy covers the amount of your mortgage until you are able to pay it off. This policy does not protect you from title errors. An Owner’s Policy is necessary to provide you with the peace of mind that you will be able to maintain ownership of your new home.

Rates on title insurance depend on the price of your property and terms. Give us a call today at 769-242-2500 for an estimate.

Our Real Estate Services

• Loan Refinances
• Sales Contracts
• Commercial Loan Closings
• Private Purchase Contracts
• Residential and Commercial Leases
• Protective Covenants
• Title Certifications/Opinions
• Title Searches
• Zoning Matters
• Timber Sales

Closing Rate Estimates

Note: These estimates don’t include Abstract of Title
• Standard Residential Closings Estimate: $350.00 – $550.00
• Land Closings Estimate: $150.00 – $300.00
• Commercial Estimate: $150/hour

Estate Planning & Wills

When you are ready to create your will, we will work with you to create an estate plan. By working with us to determine which possessions you would like to give away and to whom, we can ensure you the peace of mind that, at the time your will is needed, your desires will be executed properly. By choosing experienced attorneys, you can prevent any contestants to your will that can cause stress and tension among your family and friends.

Power of Attorney

Our team can help you to determine who will be your power of attorney. Creating a power of attorney document will reduce unnecessary stress should you reach a point where you are unable to make decisions for yourself.


A living trust protects and manages your property while you are living and designates a successor trustee who will then handle your property if you reach a point where you are no longer able. Creating a living trust removes the need for a judge and therefore avoids probate.


Probate involves a judge legally validating a will and settling the deceased’s estate. If the deceased did not create a will or it is determined invalid, the estate will be distributed among the closest relatives as designated by state law. Our staff can assist you through this process and ensure everything proceeds smoothly.

We understand that estate-planning and everything it involves can be a difficult task legally and emotionally. Our clients will have our support, guidance and respect every step of the way.

Personal Law

Criminal Defense

When you have been charged with a crime, Picayune Law provides representation you can trust. Whether you are charged a misdemeanor or a felony, we have the expertise to provide you with the defense you deserve. The consequences of being convicted of a crime are great, and we are here to make sure your rights are protected through the entire process. Our priority is making sure you receive the best possible outcomes.

Choose our practice to defend you in charges including:
• Drug Offenses
• Theft
• Fraud
• Domestic Violence
• Assault
• Sex Offenses
• Probation Violations
• And more

Personal Injury

If another person has caused you to suffer injury, let our team help you receive the compensation you deserve. We understand the toll that injuries, from minor to severe, can take on your life, and we are here to help you by providing representation that will help you to afford health care costs and move forward with your life.

We represent clients in a variety of personal injury cases, including
• Automobile Accidents
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Truck Accidents
• Construction Site Accidents
• Product Liability
• Police Misconduct
• Elderly Injuries
• Medical Malpractice
• Dog Bites
• Insurance Claims
• Sports Injuries
• Wrongful Death
• And more

Divorce & Child Custody

Divorce is an emotional, difficult transition, and at Picayune Law, we understand this and provide compassionate representation. Our goal is to minimize both the emotional and financial burden on you by ensuring we reach a successful agreement. We will help you negotiate alimony and child support, as well as child custody. We know how important it is for you as a parent to remain an important part of your child’s life, and to retain as much normalcy as possible for your child. We work hard to ensure you and your child can maintain your quality of life and move forward after the divorce.

Business Formation & Contract Negotiation

If you are looking to create a business, come to us to make sure that all of the details are addressed and all loopholes are closed. We can help you determine which organization is best for your needs as well as take care of all of the necessary documents. We will also work with you to negotiate contracts, ensuring both parties are satisfied and your contract is solid, to prevent any legal issues in the future.

Knowledgeable Guidance and Trustworthy Service

Privacy Policy

Consumer Privacy Policy Notice

Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) generally prohibits any financial institution, directly or through its affiliates, from sharing nonpublic personal information about you with a non-affiliated third party unless the institution provides you with a notice of its privacy policies and practices, such as the type of information that it collects about you and the categories of persons or entities to whom it may be disclosed. In compliance with the GLBA, we are providing you with this document, which notifies you of the privacy policies and practices of Picayune Law, PLLC.

We may collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:
Information we receive from you such as on applications or other forms.
Information about your transactions we secure from our files, or from our affiliates or others.
Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency.
Information that we receive from others involved in your transaction, such as the real estate agent or lender.

Unless it is specifically stated otherwise in an amended Privacy Policy Notice, no additional nonpublic personal information will be collected about you.

We may disclose any of the above information that we collect about our customers or former customers to our affiliates or to non-affiliated third parties as permitted by law.

We also may disclose this information about our customers or former customers to the following types of non-affiliated companies that may perform services on our behalf or with whom we may have joint marketing agreements:
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Non-financial companies such as envelope stuffers and other fulfillment service providers.


We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

For more information regarding any of our areas of practice, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 769-242-2500.
We look forward to providing you with knowledgeable, trustworthy service.