Closings & Real Estate Transfers

Our team is proud to provide several closing services.

Real Estate Closings

The basic of your real estate transaction is the Closing. This the process in which all monies are accounted for and title is transferred to the new owner. In addition to the meeting where documents are signed, all other terms of your contract must be meet, and the closing process is where that take place. Whether it is something simple, like paying the Realtor’s commission or dealing with liens against your property, the Closing is where this occurs.

Abstract of Title

An abstract of title gives a summary of all of the deeds and documents related to a piece of property. This abstract should prove that the seller of the property has the right to transfer ownership and outlines any charges that remain on the property. One abstract is required per parcel of land. We charge $300.00 per search. A search is required for each parcel. In occasional cases, your land may be a part of multiple sections, so you will need a search per section.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is essential to protecting your ownership of your property. Sometimes, despite a thorough title search, there can be defects in your title that will give other people legal claim to your property. This can cost you money, and potentially your home. Title insurance gives you the security that if there are title defects, you won’t suffer because of it.

There are two types of title insurance: Lender’s Policy and Owner’s Policy. The Lender’s Policy covers the amount of your mortgage until you are able to pay it off. This policy does not protect you from title errors. An Owner’s Policy is necessary to provide you with the peace of mind that you will be able to maintain ownership of your new home.

Rates on title insurance depend on the price of your property and terms. Give us a call today at 769-242-2500 for an estimate.

Closing Rate Estimates

Note: These estimates don’t include Abstract of Title
• Standard Residential Closings Estimate: $450.00 – $650.00
• Land Closings Estimate: $150.00 – $300.00
• Commercial Estimate: $150/hour


Real Estate Services

• Loan Refinances
• Sales Contracts
• Commercial Loan Closings
• Private Purchase Contracts
• Residential and Commercial Leases
• Protective Covenants
• Title Certifications/Opinions
• Title Searches
• Zoning Matters
• Timber Sales